VIP Escort - first-class models

Escort agencies are companies that provide usually women but sometimes also men escorts to clients, for companionship and more often for sexual services.

Women working on these services are called escorts or call girls.

Escorts say that there are clients who have the feeling that they have to help the younger girls by paying their rent or making them gifts. Most of the times these clients only want the companion of the girl.

There are many escort websites and the escorts working there post their photos, introduce themselves and very often there is information about what it is permitted during sex and what is not. The client then escorts in call to book a girl or he speaks directly to the escort if her telephone is provided. Either way, an arrangement is made for the time and the place of the appointment. If the meeting takes place on the clients house or hotel room is called outcall, if it is in the escorts place then is called incall. Some girls can be on a oncall shift, that is staying home until a call is booked and she is needed to go out.

Most agencies offer 24 hour, 7 days a week services for incall, outcall and can make special arrangements for travels, either for holidays or business trip.

VIP escort girls are usually first-class models that gain much more money than the normal escorts.

They most highly paid escort girls can charge from $1,500 up to $50,000 per night.

On top of the list according to US reports is Michelle Brown. Some of her clients are famous actors and Wall Street financiers. She is followed by a woman named ?Lauren? earning from $12,000 ? $24,000, depending on client's needs. Next on the list is Ava Xi'an, a former Realtor, charging around $6,500 per night or $45,000 per week.